How To Get A New Wardrobe Without Blowing Your Budget

Spring is finally here, and it brings sunshine, fresh air, and a new fashion line. But before you can get too excited about ditching the sweaters and the rest of your winter wardrobe, you have to consider the impact this will have on your bank balance. You should also consider how long this new wardrobe will last, both in terms of durable clothes, and the fashion trends that change very quickly. Here are a few suggestions to give your wardrobe a spring makeover, without blowing your budget.
Choose versatile clothing
When you’re out buying new clothes, look for items that can be used for more than one season. As the temperatures and weather are fairly similar, some clothes from the spring line can be worn again in autumn if you plan ahead. Get clothes that look good layered so you can get more use out of them when the weather gets a little colder. Your wallet will thank you when you’re not going on another spending spree later in the year.
Check The Back Of The Wardrobe
Buried deep in the back of your closet are incredible items that you love but you haven’t been able to wear since last summer. Out of all the budget friendly fashion tips out there, this one won’t have you spending a single penny to update your look.
Get creative
You don’t have to be good at sewing. If you have a creative flair, you can just update your existing wardrobe by customising it. If you have items of clothing that you still love, but are a bit worn out, simply repair the holes and wear them again with pride. If the clothes you found at the back of your wardrobe don’t quite match your tastes anymore, give them a fresh look before you consider throwing them away. No one else will have your fabulous new wardrobe.
Clothes Swap
Chances are you’re not the only one who can’t afford to spend money on new clothes this season, so the best solution is to get a group of friends together and organise a clothes swap. Perhaps there’s a shirt or dress of theirs that you’ve always admired that they don’t want anymore. Maybe you have something that no longer fits you that would suit them perfectly. The more friends you invite, the more options you’ll have, and you still won’t have to spend any money. It’s also a fun way to spend a day together.
Thrift Shopping
What some call ‘old’, others call ‘retro.’ You won’t find a better selection of classy, vintage, or comfortable clothing anywhere else. If you want something of a higher quality, go to shops in upscale neighbourhoods and get something absolutely stunning for a fraction of its high street cost. You might have to visit several shops before you find your perfect treasure, but it’s all worth it when you have bags full of new clothes at the end of the day, but you have spent half of your designated budget.

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