Selling With Your Blog

Is it ok to sell with your blog? Of course it is! Websites with bigger audiences than yours are not afraid to sell. Even some 'news' websites take the time to sell products to their audience of some kind. It isn't okay to sell with your blog if you aren't going to do it right - though.

Firstly, you must endeavour to make the goods that you choose to sell via your platform relevant to your audience. You should have all the figures, data and feedback to build a clear picture of your audience. You'll know your niche as well - ideally. Your audience, despite being a niche group will still be a diverse group of people. This means that their interests outside of your blog will differ so while some of the audience might enjoy what you are selling, others might be turned off. Take this into mind. Try to discover your audience needs and find a way to sell to this need to increase a chance of a sale and to make that sale authentic.

Speaking of authenticity, your readers will drop and your sales will drop if you are playing at being a trickster. At the end of the day you are a content creator, not a sales person. Don't go for the hard sell and always be clear about what is going on. Your readers are not there to be played.

So, if you are going to sell - present the products and offers clearly. They might be your ebooks - they could be other things, such as services. Highlight this clearly and do your best to keep it separate from your content - blending it in can be seen as duping readers, not every reader wants to be a customer.If you want to sell, but don't know what to sell - ask your fanbase and following. Comments are good, but surveys are great ways of getting to know your readers and what they want. As for your following, make them feel special. Give them discounts. They are your following for a reason so treat them with the respect that they deserve. We spoke about your audience being diverse, so ensure anything you sell caters for the crowd. Add-on products (audio books as well as ebooks) are great ideas. When it comes to the actual sale, make sure you have some kind of business address. This website can help. Not many are comfortable with listing their home address and that's ok.

One big way in which products are sold via blogs is through affiliate marketing. Carefully consider the companies you partner with here - there are plenty of ethical considerations to take in and your valued site could push away its readerbase quickly and turn a good site into a massive commercial. Affiliate marketers don't make good money unless there is big success, so the value could be low here - choose carefully.

If you are going to sell with your blog - do it wisely. Don’t disrespect the following you have built up in the pursuit for money.

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