Shopping Secrets Stores Don’t Want You To Know

Stores want to make money, and shoppers want to keep it in their pockets. The dynamic between retailers and customers has existed for years, and it will continue into the future. For the most part, there is nothing wrong with the way store chains treat customers. They stock lots of items, they are happy to help, and they believe that the customer is always right. There is no doubt that the clients get a good deal on average. Still, you could get a better one if you understand how stores think and act. Below are the secrets which will change the shopping experience forever.

Hidden Discount Codes
The sales are where customers like you make a killing. When the prices drop, it’s very easy to find a plethora of bargains to get more bang for your buck. But, what about the times when you act prematurely and lose out? Stores won’t make up the difference because it will set off a chain reaction of returns and refunds. The result: you lose money. The trick is not to act rashly and to look out for secret codes. Tags often have numbers or signs on them which employees use to communicate. For the most part, they mean the item is about to decrease in price. If you spot any of these codes, hold off and wait. Patience is a virtue that pays out in the end.

Online Sales
Almost every self-respecting shopping addict knows that the internet is the place to find a bargain. Websites usually have promotions that don’t exist in the store, and retailers don’t mind spreading the word. What they don’t like to say is that the web is also an excellent place to find additional incentives. Sites and blogs dedicate their time to finding the latest secret deals for your benefit. Coupon Sherpa, for instance, has promotions from this Dressbarn coupon to free shipping with a Belk card. A handful of secrets sales like these can make a huge difference.

Live Chat Haggling
The industry is a lot different than before, which makes haggling hard work. Well, it did make haggling hard work until the advancement of live chat technology. Retailers love to keep their customers sweet because it makes people more loyal. So, they go above and beyond to make them happy, like talking via the chat icon. To sweeten the deal, customers report that they will often throw in discounts like 10% off. Now, this method isn’t as well known as others in the industry. However, far too many people report it to work for it to be a fluke.

Free Delivery
A delivery charge is a great way for businesses to make money. What they do is set a fixed price, and charge delivery for anything under the price. Amazon, for example, has a $35 limit. Anything under this incurs a cost, but there is a sneaky way to avoid it. Sites like Amazon pride themselves on being cheap, so they have plenty of discount items. All you have to do is find one and add it to the cart. As long as it goes past the limit, there is no need to pay for delivery.

Yep, you can even trick massive corporations!

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