You Win Some (muscle) You Lose Some (fat)...

Whether you’re looking to gain weight or lose it, exercise and nutrition are key. There is no shortcut to gaining muscle or losing weight. However, by changing your lifestyle and implementing some doable goals, you’ll keep the muscle on and the weight off. Whether you want to be as strong as possible, have amazing stamina, or be able to run for miles- here are some personalized exercise and food plans…

How To: Toning and Losing Weight

Getting toned is only possible when we lose the layer of fat covering our muscles. Once that’s gone it’s possible to ‘get toned.’ What this means is that our muscles will get bigger and appear more defined. If we do all the training in the world, it’s not enough to shift fat. Fat is mainly shifted by changing our diet. If you want to get toned you need to do strength training to build lean muscle. You also need to lose fat.

Nutrition and cardio will be your best friends when you’re looking to lose fat. Contrary to popular belief, it’s impossible to target specific areas of fat and get rid of them. You have to work out the whole body. Fat removal treatments like liposuction are really the only way to pinpoint areas of fat. Other than that cardio such as running, swimming, and biking is best. The food you should be eating should include lean meats, fish, eggs, yogurt, and lentils. These foods are all low in saturated fats. The exercises you need to do to see defined muscles include squats, shoulder press, planks, and lunges.

How To: Building Some Serious Muscle

If you’re eager to build some serious muscle you clearly want to look and feel a lot stronger. This will involve dedication to your diet and training. Eating is a hugely important part of building lean muscle. Beef should be an important part of your diet. It’s great for building lean muscle because it contains protein, zinc, iron, and cholesterol. Opt for grass-fed meat. This is a more ethical choice but it also contains higher levels of linoleic acid, which helps to shed body fat. Brown rice is also great because it will keep you fuller for longer, which is important when working out. Try and incorporate some spinach into your diet too. It’s a great source of glutamine which is an amino acid needed for lean muscle growth, muscle strength and also endurance.

Go easy on the cardio if you want to gain muscle mass. Cardio is a really effective way to lose fat and muscle if you go overboard. Full body exercises are a good idea too, as are shakes, these will speed up the process. Try and do fewer reps but increase the intensity or weight of your exercises.

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