17 Reasons to Smile More Often

Smiling is a multipurpose action that can do wonders for our mood and health, and here are 17 reasons to help convince you to smile as soon as you finish reading.

1. It makes you happy
Forcing a smile can actually release endorphins due to the way the muscles in our face move. Endorphins are responsible for making us happy and even have pain-relieving properties.

2. Boosts your confidence
Smiling is a fantastic way to show someone you’re confident. Even if there’s no one around, putting on a smile will make you feel fantastic and give you the motivational boost you need to advance your day.

3. Promote dental health
You might not be surprised at the reason why people don’t smile more often: their teeth are bad. Thankfully, there are treatments that can give you a smile even if you’ve lost all your teeth. Check out the features of All On 4 if you want a fantastic way to boost your smile.

4. Release stress
Smiling is a fantastic way to release your emotions instead of bottling them up inside and waiting to explode.

5. It’s attractive
Smiling makes you look more confident and friendly, meaning you’re more likely to stimulate conversation with random people.

6. Give people something to notice
Smiling is a fun expression that gives people something to look at and notice you, be it in an interview, a crowd or if you’re serving customers at work.

7. It’s infectious
If you see someone smile at you, you can’t help but smile back and share the love. The whole world could be a little more cheerful if you simply just smiled.

8.  Smiling is a treat
Not everyone has something to smile about, but whenever you treat yourself, smile and remind yourself that you deserve something positive in life now and then

9. The holidays are always coming
People smile and laugh when there’s something to look forward to. Beyond all the stressful work-related meetings that are coming up, there’s a holiday at the end of it waiting for you.

10. Show someone you appreciate them
When your friend does something nice for you, smile at them. Show them you appreciate their kindness and friendship, don’t give a neutral expression.

11. A smile tells a thousand words
Although a simple response, smiling can tell a thousand words when used in the right (or wrong) places

12. You have access to the internet
Without the internet, you wouldn’t have this article, YouTube, Facebook or discovered the music you love, and you should be happy that the entire world is connected.

13. It’s a great time to be alive
We’re travelling to space, technology is improving every year and we have self-driving cars. The future is already here.

14. The world could use more happiness
With so many problems going around in the world, it’s never a bad idea to remind ourselves that we are still alive and living on this beautiful earth. Smile, share your happiness, and let it spread.

15. It’s better than frowning
Would you rather talk to your friend when they’re smiling or frowning? Smiling and behind happy comes more naturally, so why not do it more often?

16. Everyone can smile
It’s a universal gesture that we can all indulge in. Smiling crosses language barriers yet has the same meaning to everyone.

17. Smiling is free
All these advantages and reasons to smile and you don’t have to pay a penny. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

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