Sizzling Summer Accessory Ideas for 2017

As summer starts to draw ever-nearer, it is a great time to get your wardrobe ready so you can look your best during the warmer months. As well as choosing the outfits themselves, you also should make sure you have the right accessories to go with them. Your jewellery, shoes, bags, hats and sunglasses can totally transform the outfits that you have chosen. A lot of the time, these items don’t have to cost you a great deal but they can really make all the difference. So, let’s take a look at some of the top summer accessory ideas for 2017.

The Right Footwear
Let’s start with the one that many people put right near the top of their lists: your shoes. When it comes to assessing an outfit, what people have on their feet is pretty much the first thing most of us look for. As a lot of summer clothes are directly inspired by the fashions of the 90s, a lot of outfits you buy will work well with flat or low-heeled shoes. Casual skirts, mid calf trousers and jumpsuits will all be pretty common this season, so to match them you could go for some pumps, sling backs and loafers.


Just as it was last year, statement necklaces are going to be a big part of summer 2017. In general, it seems like heavy jewellery will be back in fashion, so be prepared with some bold bracelets and arm cuffs. You can have a lot of fun with this type of jewellery, and it certainly does make a big impression. It also doesn’t have to cost you the earth and will be available from a wide range of high street stores.

It really does seem like handbags keep getting smaller and smaller these days. Rather than having to lug around a huge shopping size bag with a huge amount of space, you will have to be a lot more selective with what you actually carry around with you as today’s mini bags are not much bigger than a purse. When it comes to going out on the town, clutch bags are in vogue and there are plenty in the Olga Berg evening bags collection. A lot of bags on the catwalk this season are bright and bold. As you won’t have a great deal of space for normal sized purses, coin purses are set to be much more readily available.

Hats and Belts

Keeping up with the bold and daring theme, a lot of summer belts are quite wide and striking. This is the kind of style that has been designed to nip in the waist of a jumpsuit. When it comes to headwear, the classic floppy hat with a wide brim is always a popular choice. As well as giving off a glamorous look, it also sends off a clear “do not disturb” vibe when pulled down low! If you would prefer the traditional Panama hat look, this is always a timeless choice.  

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