When Your Wedding Hair Trial Goes Wrong

Hey ladies! I had something else planned for my second personal post here on FBRT but after my experience this weekend I wanted switch it up!

I am currently engaged and our wedding is about a month away (June 10). Planning has been fun and stressful and overwhelming all at once. (More on how I've been coping in another post.)

Well this weekend, I had my hair and makeup trial. When browsing inspiration photos online, I went in a somewhat unique direction and decided on a bridal ponytail. 

Ponytails have always been my "thing" and my fiance likes the style too. So I figured I'd give it a shot. After showing the photos to the stylist and her assuring me we could do it, she went to work.

Now the first red flag was that I was faced away from the mirror for the duration of the styling. Meaning, I didn't see anything at ALL until she was completely done. Which was a problem because I truly think I could have stopped her progression and switched gears when I saw it wasn't working.

But alas, I didn't see it until I was turned to face myself at the end. And it was a very quick, negative gut reaction. This is what I saw...

Now, take a moment to just compare this to the photos above. Yea, not what I was thinking.

I very gently and politely explained the different aspects I wasn't comfortable with and proceeded to use the photos as an example. I didn't want it slicked back, I wanted more texture. I wanted fuller curls in the pony (but when I suggested we brush them out she said they would get frizzy - I brush out my curls all the time to get the bigger wavy look). I wanted the pony to pop out off of my head and clearly this was lying flat.

I could tell the stylist was getting defensive and frustrated with my concerns. At one point she said the inspiration photo wasn't realistic and that it was a hair piece. (Again, she saw this at the beginning and said it was no problem.)

So we pretty much agreed on a couple tweaks and I was just sent on my way with her "assuring" me I would love it on my wedding day. She did not try to do any adjustments while I was there.

As soon as I got home I went to work on the style and tried to adjust it to match my vision. I swooped back some loose curls. I wrapped the 3 tails she had created in hair ties and the ponytail popped right out. And I brushed through the curls to get the fuller look.

Now, it's messy due do my rushing and the fact that I'm not a hair stylist and therefore, don't have that polished touch. But, here's the result:

This is much closer to the inspiration photos. So, here's my dilemma. I either have another trial with this current stylist (which she said I must pay for again), or I need to find someone else who can successfully execute this look. Oh, and they have to have my date open - in just a month!

So, needless to say, my stress level is high right now.

What do you all think? Was I right to voice my concern? Should I just chill out and trust that it will be OK on the day of? Or does this just show a taste-level difference that proves I need to look elsewhere?



  1. Hell yes you were right to tell her! After all YOU are the client not her! Also Congratulations by the way. You have styled it much better than she and its looks great. Xx

  2. I think you've done a brilliant job of styling it yourself! Much closer to the inspiration pictures, there's nothing more frustrating than having an image in your head of how you want something to look and it turning out the complete opposite! It's your special day so definitely don't settle until you have the style you're perfectly happy with :-) This is a lovely post! Xx

  3. I think you was right to voice your concern because you are paying her for a service.. it's your wedding you should have the hair you want for it! I love how you fixed your ponytail looks amazing and so much better than what the stylist did


  4. Wow you did a much better job! It's a difficult decision but I would try someone else if you can, if you don't feel happy and confident on the day it will ruin the whole day x

  5. I'm glad you invited me to read this post. I'm getting married next year and never even THOUGHT about a hair trial! Thank you so much!!!

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