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One of the most challenging aspects of running a blog is getting users to come back again time after time. With so much competition out there, it can be very challenging to stand out from the crowd and develop a loyal following. However, it is something that you should be aiming to achieve as once you have this core of users; it is much easier to grow and develop into the future. Though there is no single guaranteed way to get people coming back to your blog, here are a few ideas that may give you a helping hand.

Content is King
When you are creating your blog content, you should be looking to educate, entertain and engage. People are generally using the internet to search for solutions to problems and to be entertained. So, you should start by coming up with a content list, detailing some ideas of what to write about so you always have fresh material. Essentially, you want to make yourself more than a one-hit wonder. If you can prove that you can solve people’s problems or keep them entertained on a regular basis, this should set you on the winning track.

Have an Outreach Strategy
Rather than just sticking to your own blog page, you need to be looking at ways in which you can draw in more people to your site. This means that you should be actively reading and commenting on other people’s blogs whenever you can. Using this strategy, you can build relationships and maybe even some joint ventures. Also, you should be looking to participate actively on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and link everything back to your blog page.

Create a Strong Design

The layout and usability of your website make a big difference in whether or not users will keep coming back to it. It is worth looking into the process for user centred design so you can put your site visitors at the heart of your blog. You can have great content on your website, but if people don’t think the layout looks professional, they are less likely to keep coming back to it. Even if you just use a standard blog template, you can still customise your brand colours and logo to give a sense of originality.

Encourage People to Interact
The whole point of having a blog is that you open up the lines of communication between you and your users. So, whenever you post something up, you should have a clear call to action. Rather than leaving it generic, you may want people to post specific pieces of information about themselves. You can also have a pop-up box on your homepage that encourages people to join your mailing list.

These are just a few of the main ways that you can encourage more people to keep coming back to your blog and build up a following that allows you to achieve your aims and aspirations.

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