Part of the Illusion: Tips and Tricks to Emphasise Your Best Assets

People come in all shapes and sizes. That’s a fact. Most of us will have some aspect of our bodies and features that we’re less than satisfied with. But rather than dwelling on the things we don’t like, why not focus our attention of the parts that we are fond of? You could spend a lifetime changing the way you look through strict exercise regimes, diets and even invasive surgical procedures. This may work for some people. But to be healthier and happier, a better option is to emphasise the features we have naturally. Here are a few tips and tricks to effectively show off your best assets.

Whether you’re tall or short, you can alter your height pretty easily by wearing a pair of heels. They come in all sorts of sizes. Kitten heels will add an inch or so to your height, while stilettos will see you raise the roof, adding as much as six or seven inches to your profile. So regardless of the occasion, there will be a pair to make you the perfect height to suit. Once you’ve decided on the height of your desired heels, the world is your oyster. You can search stores and the online marketplace to take your pick out of a seemingly endless array of styles. Platform wedges, peep toes, court shoes, flatforms. You will find the perfect pair in no time. As well as adding inches to your height, heels can give the illusion of longer legs. Especially if you match a nude pair to your skin tone. This technique gives a flawless line to your leg, making it appear more slender, toned and gazelle-like.


Most people fall into one of the following categories when it comes to their body shape: apple, pear, hourglass and straight. Most people strive for an hourglass appearance. But if your waist isn’t all that much smaller than your hips, this can be difficult. Not to worry. There are a couple of different ways to get that hourglass look! First on the list: corsets and waist trainers. These will become your new best friend. They hold your waist in, without subjecting you to the negative physical effects that old-fashioned, Victorian whalebone corsets would have. These are easier going and (though they have less extreme results) will create a softer, more curvy silhouette. A second option (which could be tested in conjunction with a corset or waist trainer) is using colours and patterns in your favour. Black is slimming. We all know this. But certain patterns can make areas of your body look slimmer or wider. If you are already wide and don’t fancy flaunting this, avoid horizontal, Breton-style stripes.



Thanks to the Kardashians, contouring has entered the mainstream and more and more people are sculpting their faces with makeup on a regular basis. Contouring is essentially the use of different shades of powders and creams to give the illusion of a more prominent bone structure. So if you’ve always dreamed of having a stronger jawline or more pronounced cheekbones, this could be something to try out! There are plenty of tutorials out there, so check them out. The key to perfecting this art is practice. Keep trying until you work out the best products for you and get it right.

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