Flog The Blog: Why Your Content Needs Money Behind It!

Money makes the world go round, and this is particularly true in the blogosphere. The fact is that, regardless of your attitude to blogging, whether you’re doing it as a long-term hobby, or you’re trying to turn it into a business, if you want it to become far more than a niche, viewed by very few people, then you need to give it the time, effort, and, most importantly, capital to make it fly. What can capital buy you now that transforms a very average blog into something that will earn you clicks, followers, and a living?

The Content
If you are struggling to get your content out there on a regular basis, either because life is getting in the way, or you’re just bereft of inspiration, the best thing you can do is to start sourcing content creators or bloggers to do some for you. We are constantly being told to keep churning out the content, and the only way this can be done is by hiring a pool of people to do this for us. There are many short term loans for small business leaders that can be acquired at short notice, you can immediately get onto the various freelancer sites at your disposal and then find the right people. If you plan on hiring a group of people on a full-time basis, this will be a big draw because freelancers need long-term contracts!

The Marketing
Whether it’s via PPC, boosting your social media posts, or creating supplementary content to create an all-around experience, marketing agencies have many tools to help the average blogger out. Marketing could mean reassessing your brand and how it is perceived, it could be a way to create new content like videos or just examining your traffic, and what you need to do to acquire more clicks. Marketing is an essential component of the modern blogging world, and it pays to have an intricate knowledge of what your blog does or doesn’t need.

The Website
While there are numerous tools available now to make your website shiny and attractive, who’s to say that someone out there hasn’t used the same template program as you? In hiring a web designer, you’ve got someone who can translate your brand and goals into a website that is easy to use and communicates exactly what your blog is all about. Website builders are fine, but only to an extent.

To Help You Realize Your Dream
Running a blog concurrently while doing a full-time job, not to mention the other aspects of life you need to keep track of, means you cannot dedicate your working life to powering the blog. By saving up, or taking out a business loan, you can bid goodbye to your dull office job and focus on what you are really passionate about. Sometimes we are so scared to take the leap because of the financial repercussions, but if you have a well thought out plan, and the necessary cash buffer to keep you afloat, you can make the blog a real money spinner!


  1. Hi there! Have you written on ways that your blog can start to make money? What is a well-thought-out-plan in bloggers terms?

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