In 2018 I Resolve Not to Wear Flip Flops to Work (and 9 Other Work Wear Resolutions)

Congratulations, you made it through another holiday season without too much drama (no thanks to the spiked eggnog-induced political discussions) and you’re ready to introduce a few changes into your life this new year – starting with your wardrobe. Check out our list of 10 work wear resolutions you can make to help you get noticed in the workplace and become the promising young professional you want to be.

1. Resolve Not to Wear Flip Flops to Work
Yes, we mean it and no it doesn’t matter how pretty your toes are. If your place of employment is in an office building and/or doesn’t involve saving people from drowning, then you should not be wearing flip flops to work. Do yourself and your arches a favor and find a few pairs of comfortable, cute shoes to get you through the day, like patterned flats or ankle booties.  

2. Upgrade the Accessories
Those oversized hoop earrings are fun for brunch, but at work they can be a bit distracting to the coworker who’s trying to focus on your brilliant solve-everything ideas. Invest in a few pieces of classic jewelry to bring the right amount of bling to your smart and sassy style and you’ll have everyone’s ear in no time.

3. No More Wet Hair at the Office
We know you hit snooze three times before finally rolling out of bed and jumping in the shower but everyone at work doesn’t need to know that. Build a few extra minutes into your morning routine to perfect your polished look and send the message to your coworkers that you’re ready for anything the day throws at you.

4. Invest in a Power Suit
That’s right, you are a woman who wields power so it’s time to dress like it. Invest in a sophisticated piece for your work wear wardrobe like a stylish and elegant jumpsuit to show the people up top that you aren’t afraid to drop the hammer to get things done (and look good while doing it).

5. Create Your Own Uniform
Make Monday a little easier on yourself by creating a professional look that can be your go-to style without much thought. Stock your work wardrobe with a rotation of shift dresses, blazers and statement necklaces that you can mix and match all week. Limiting your work outfits to a few combinations will make the process of choosing what to wear in the morning a lot easier (and give you time to sleep in).

6. Mani Up

It doesn’t matter how professional your wardrobe is if you’re greeting the boss with a chipped nail polish handshake. You wouldn’t think streaky mascara is a good look for work so why should flaky fingernails be any different? Take care to perfect your whole look before you roll up to your desk and show everyone you are a woman who knows a thing or two about presentation. 

7. Keep the Yoga Pants Out of Casual Friday  
Just because a place of business allows Casual Friday doesn’t mean they want you ready to do a sun salutation at the morning staff meeting. Dress up your casual Friday look with stylish Spanx leggings and a long sweater or fancy up a pair of boyfriend jeans with a structured top. After all, Casual Friday is still a work day. Otherwise, it would just be casual.

8. Incorporate Your Personal Brand
Your office may have a dress code but that doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else. Find a way to infuse a bit of your own personal style into your look that is still dress code appropriate for your place of business. If you work in a corporate setting, think a vibrant colored blouse beneath your sleek black suit. If your office is more business casual consider a patterned heel, leather jacket or floral print top with a tailored pencil skirt. Whatever your company’s dress code, we’re confident you can find a way to let your personality shine. 

9. Only Wear Clothes that Fit Your Body
This one may seem obvious but too many people skate through life in clothing that just doesn’t fit them right. If you lost enough weight that your clothing looks loose and boxy on your frame, celebrate your success by buying some new clothes to show off that hard earned physique. Search for a well-reviewed tailor to get your pants and dresses properly hemmed. Buy a custom-fitted blazer. Trust us, if you look good then you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you do your best work. Bottom line.

10. Dress for Success
Find a mentor at work and then copy everything she does. Ok, not really (creepy much?)…but kind of. Pay attention to how your boss dresses – after all she is playing the part you eventually want for yourself. If you want her to take you seriously as someone to invest her time in, then show her you are willing to act the part. Once she sees how serious you are about your job, she’ll have no choice but to show you everything she knows. And then watch out, because you’ll be running that place in no time.  

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  1. I love this! I totally agree with mani up. Just recently started the whole mani and pedi thing. Makes me wonder why I waited for so long.

    I must however state that, although the outward appearance boosts your confidence level, it can only do so much if your mindset is not on point.

  2. #9 is so important!! and as for #1--I work in a pretty casual office, and none of us would EVER wear flip flops to work (a pair of cute sandals maybe, but not flip flops!) It bamboozles me that people see this as acceptable office wear under any circumstances :P

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