How To Rejuvenate Ones Skin In The Winter

Cold weather and harsh winds are harmful to all types of skin. The lower humidity in the air leads to chapped lips and dry and cracked hands. But don’t worry! After following these four tips, there will be no need to hide away. Get dewy, fresh skin by taking care of your skin. These methods include taking an omega-3 supplement, investing in a good moisturizer, eating more vegetables and getting more rest to help support the skin’s natural glow. Brave any storm with the help of these four tips in how to get and maintain flawless skin.

1.   Moisturize with vitamins

Omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits, one of which is smoothing out cracked or dry skin. Skin needs to retain a lot of moisture, especially when it is so easily dried out in the harsh winter temperatures. If someone has acne or eczema, he or she can also also take a supplement to alleviate the symptoms. In order to figure out which brand to buy, look at websites like Analyze That to compare different supplement products. A high-quality omega-3 supplement should have around 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg of omega-3, including both DHA and EPA types of omega-3. Make sure not to exceed the dose of 3,000 mg a day; it can elevate blood sugar, which is dangerous for someone with diabetes. Overall, omega-3 definitely can help maintain healthy skin cells.

2.   Moisturize with Cream

This may not be big news that skin needs a good moisturizer, but finding an effective moisturizer is not so easy. Buying the most expensive brand isn’t the way to go, either. Many high-end moisturizers that are over $200 may contain perfume or artificial ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, look for two types of cream made especially for different types of skin. A thick, heavy moisturizer is better for the body and a thinner, lightweight moisturizer can be used for the more sensitive parts of the skin such as the face and hands. Moisturizers with coconut oil or shea butter are excellent, and help protect skin from future dryness.

3.   Moisturize with Food

While applying creams and lotions helps moisturize the skin, remember to also build up the skin cells so they are elastic and healthy. Eating certain foods can help improve the skin’s health and build up a moisture barrier to protect against any redness or itchiness.

Buy foods with a high water content, like:
Eat a few servings of these fruits and vegetables a day to keep the skin’s appearance nice and dewy.

4.   Moisturize with Sleep

Sleep helps rejuvenate a body’s energy as well as its skin. While sleeping, the skin recovers moisture that was lost during the day and excess water is removed. If someone does not get sufficient sleep, the water content in his or her skin is not balanced or cleansed. This leads to dark bags under the eyes and puffy eyelids. Not getting enough sleep also loses the natural glow the skin has because collagen is broken down due to increased inflammation in the body. Getting plenty of rest can transform tired skin from gray to glowing.

Don’t Let Winter Get To You

Even if it’s freezing outside, keep skin protected and healthy by following the tips above. Start taking an omega-3 supplement to help build healthy cells and maintain the skin’s water content. Invest in a good moisturizer or two that actually works and doesn’t irritate the skin even further. Make sure to eat lots of water-based fruits and vegetables, and get enough sleep to fully restore skin cells. Chapped hands and dry skin will be a long-lost memory this winter.


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