Losing Blog Traffic? These Could Be The Reasons Why!

And it was all going so well!

For a while, you had a regular readership, and people were engaging with what you had to say.

And then…?

Your readers started to disappear. Where did they go? We don't know. For all we know, they might be stuck in a virtual traffic jam. They may have been hit by a worldwide computer virus. Or they might have booked a holiday away together and neglected to invite you along for the ride.

Your readers might be back in no time! On the other hand, there may be reasons why they deserted you, some of which are considered here.

Reason #1: You have nothing new to say

Blog readers are fickle people. While they might show an initial loyalty to you, especially when you are creating content that is interesting to them, they might then disappear if your blog becomes irrelevant. Your articles need to be engaging, thought-provoking, and somewhat original. But if you have started reusing old blog posts because you don't have time to write anything new, or if you have lost your creative sparkle, then it might be that your readers grew bored of your blog and moved on.

Tip: For starters, read the advice we gave here. If you haven't adhered to that advice thus far, then you will struggle to engage your readers. Then take a step back from your blog. Is it time to consider new topics? Could you invite guest writers to freshen things up a little bit? Could you interact with your readers, and ask them for topic ideas? There are solutions, so instead of relying on old ideas and outdated topics, go for something that stays within the remit of your blog, but that appears fresh and new, instead of tired and dated.

Reason #2: Your blog isn't working as it should

When did you last check your website? No matter what blogging platform you use, it's imperative that everything works as it should. You see, if your readers are encountering slow loading times, page crashes, and/or 404 errors, then they are not going to stay around for long. Your blog needs to be in tip-top shape, because not only will your readers disappear temporarily, they might also stay away for good if any problems encountered reoccur.

Tip: You can do a quick online check to see if your blog is working using services such as this one. However, you can also use your common sense and check each aspect of your blog manually. Use a range of devices too, as while your blog might be working on your laptop, it might not be fully optimised for mobile devices. If you encounter any issues, fix what you can. And for issues that are beyond your control, contact an outside agency such as Fixed who offer WordPress maintenance, or contact technical support for your blogging platform, and explain your issues to them. By restoring your blog, you should also restore your readership.

Reason #3: You are not engaging with your readers

We aren't telling you to become lifelong friends with your readers, but the least you can do is engage with them. As with any relationship, you need to do all you can to keep them on your side. If they are commenting on your posts without any further response from you or raising questions that are left unanswered, then your readers might assume you have no interest in their participation. And if your content no longer holds any appeal to them, then you are going to lose them to another blogger.

Tip: Take the time to respond to what your readers have to say. You don't need to write a long response; a quick thank you will usually do. And then ensure your content is relevant. If you are constantly veering away from your usual niche, then your readers might stop caring. Remember the raison d'etre behind your blog; the reason why readers were attracted to you in the first place. If you are no longer appealing to their interests, then they no longer have reason to stick around.

Reason #4: Your blog is frustrating your readers

Technical issues and irrelevant content aside, there may be other reasons why your blog is frustrating your readers. Too many ads, for example, will get on your reader's nerves, as will pop-ups for anything else, such as call-to-action ploys.Then there are auto-playing videos that might cause your readers to spill their tea, illegible fonts, and any one of these annoyances that are sure to infuriate your readers.

Tip: Think about the things that annoy you as a web user. Chances are, if something gets on your nerves, it will get on the nerves of your readers too. Remove anything that is guaranteed to infuriate them, and research other blogs online, learning from both the good and the bad to help you shape your blog into something better.


We don't have all of the answers, but if you are losing traffic to your blog, then our suggestions are a good place to start. Continue your research online, do all that is necessary to fix any issues, and hopefully, you will see renewed interest in what your blog has to offer.


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