Sponsorship Options for Brands

Are you a company who wants to get your product/service in front of the biggest blogging community on Twitter? We have 26,000+ followers and over 2,000 mentions a day from bloggers!

Email us at Sales@femalebloggerRT.com for more information and a complete list of company sponsor options!


"My testimonial is triple fold as I have advertised with Female Blogger ReTweet for 3 different companies.  All have been successful in gathering followers, emails address and hits on our sites.  We did the $50 PayPal cash and $50 Product credit for each one.  I was very impressed with the first which is why I signed up the other two.  Small amount spent and lots of great exposure.  Also continuing the experience in following up with our winners to get photos and continue the social media exposure.  I felt that this was more organic and a better way to spend money than on FB ads etc.  I would highly recommend using them!" ~ Carly Gardner, Leap of Faith Clothing